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Ups 'n downs

Sick of crying

Tired of trying

Yeah, I'm smiling

But inside... I'm dying.


 But hey.. we all know:

What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger...

So don't cry - say "Fuck you" and smile!

6.10.08 11:53

Who am I?

I'm not an angel

I'm making mistakes and I try to learn from them

I'm not perfect, not at all

Sometimes I don't act normal..

With me things might not be like they usually are

Sometimes I'm crazy

There is nothing special about me

But at least I'm myself

6.10.08 12:26


Monday, 6th of october 2008, 21:57; Yihang: don't worry, be happy, u gonna be alright





6.10.08 13:35


Okay enough of all that depressing stuff,

'cause I'm NOT an EMO! :D Sorry if it looked like!

And I'm sick of thinking everything through a thousand times and just not getting anywhere.

I just had a great week (Outbaaack), and a really good phone call yesterday.

Today I have to bring my laptop to Harvey Norman.. I hope it won't take ages to repair it.

And after that I'll meet Yihang :D Have to keep myself busy!

7.10.08 02:42

What's on your mind?

Malcolm S. Forbes: Presence is more than just being there.

What about not even being there physically?

All I can do ~ being with you in thoughts all the time...

Unable to let go.

U're always on my mind.


9.10.08 12:29

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